Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rat Dawgs Wed 11/30

Lit Device presentations
Peer Review of Definition essays (didn't finish will continue Friday)
Didn't turn in Definition essays due to not finishing peer reviews yet.

Friday originally I had planned for our timed writing assignment but due to running out of time today I don't want to rush things and it will also help get your class back in the right position behind the Conquistadorks group so we will be pushing the in class essay back. It will also give me some time to go over argument structure in more detail. Instead we will finish up the peer review and you will have in class time to revise the Definition essays or to get a head start on the weekends homework. :)

Class Prep Work:

Thesis video notes assignment on Google Class room! :)
TED TALKS worksheet due friday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Conquistadorks Tuesday 11/29


4-Corners activity
Lit Device Presentations
Slides on Argument 
Video on Cicero's Classical Arrangement for Argument 

New Google Classroom Class Code Please Add to this class and leave the other.

Class Prep Work
Watch the attached You Tube Video ( Take notes on a google doc to show that you watched, listened, and learned. (bulleted notes are fine) This is to supplement your learning. (Also Due DECEMBER 1st)

  • Paired Fallacy Slide Sign up due (find a partner and sign up this week)
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Assignment actually due (TBA next week)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday RATDAWGS 11/28



  • Lit device presentations (none)
  • 4Corners Activity
  • How to Write an Argument slideshow 
  • Introduce Paired Fallacy Slide assignment (Due Fri) (Sign up for fallacy earlier)
  • Introduce TED TALK viewing and analyzing persuasive speakers assignment. (Due Fri)
  • Introduce Thesis video and notes assignment. (Due Fri)

Class Prep Work:
  • Definition Essay bring printed copy ready to go by class time to participate in peer review activity.
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Sign up due (asap)
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Assignment actually due (TBA)
  • Thesis Video notes (due FRI)
  • TED TALK analysis both sides (DUE Friday)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monday/Tuesday 11/14-11/15, and WED 11/16

Monday (Conquistadorks): I was out sick. Students should have finished watching The Great Gatsby and finished filling out their worksheets. Then student were to read and annotate the "Cripple" Definition Essay Text associated with an AP Prompt. Students should have been directed to write a working thesis for the essay and come up with possible evidence that would support it. Students were NOT directed to write the essay. Homework= finish anything not completed in class.

Tuesday (Rat Dawgs):
-Thesis Presentations

-Turned in their "Let Me Go to the Party" write ups in which students practice working with rhetorical appeals.

-Went over how to print out comments from Google Docs. (Just download it as a Microsoft Work Document then print). -Since some had problems with this when trying to print out comments for Congressional Speeches turned in to Mrs. Koda.

-Passed out Definition Essay Assignment and went over instructions. Click two links below.
Overview- click here
Instructions- click here

-Paired and class discussions about what rhetorical strategies were seen used effectively in the sample essays. Students made a list to keep for reference when crafting their own.

-Class Prep Work:
Read and annotate the definition essay "Cripple" with the purpose of addressing the AP prompt in mind. Will discuss and craft thesis next class. (Due Thursday)

Article of the Week: Print out 2 copies of an argumentative article (Go to Opinion Pages of major News Sites such as Chicago Tribune, L.A Times, N. Y Times, Washington Post etc..) Annotate one. (Due Thursday)

Begin working on Definition Essays (Due November 30th)

WED (Conquistadorks)

-Thesis Presentations

-Turn in "Let Me Go to the Party" write ups in which students practice working with rhetorical appeals.

-Go over how to print with comments.

-Go over Definition Essay Assignment (see above for links)

-Paired student discussions about rhetorical strategies used in definition sample essays. Make lists for personal use.

-Small Group discussions sharing significant annotations related to prompt and sharing working thesis. Choose one of the groups collective theses to share with class, make adjustments to thesis if needed. Groups will also identify which pieces of evidence best support their group's thesis.

Class Prep Work:
Article of the Week: Print out 2 copies of an argumentative article (Go to Opinion Pages of major News Sites such as Chicago Tribune, L.A Times, N. Y Times, Washington Post etc..) Annotate one. (Due Friday)

Begin working on Definition Essays Due November 30th

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wed/Thursday 11/9-11/10


  • Read through group essay comments and completed the Group Essay Paragraph Revision and Reflection Assignment on Google Classroom.
  • Began discussing what common elements are seen in a Definition Essay. Will continue next week.
  • Reviewed Ethos, Pathos, Logos.
  • Lit Presentations post poned these days due to tech issues since we were in different class rooms escaping the heat. 

Class Prep Work:

Ethos, Pathos, Logos Practice packet. (Conquistadorks only right now)
The Big Party- Practice with Rhetorical Appeals Assignment

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday/ Tuesday 11/7-11/8


  • Discussion of Socratic Seminar and how it can be improved next time.
  • Go over changes to grade weights (biggest change is essays and writing will be worth 30 percent instead of 50)
  • Watch Gatsby movie continue work on worksheet

Rat Dawgs TBA (your class is further along in film)

Class Prep Work:

  • Read and annotate one of the three Definition Mode essays given to you in class (physical copies) We will discuss as a class what makes it a Definition Mode with your groups and the class next time using these essays and the other articles in your discussion.


This week with Ms. Koda's guidance you will choose the word, phrase, or concept that you will focus on for your own Definition style essay on your chosen topic.

Thursday/ Friday 3/4


Socratic Seminar

If absent please write a short 2-3 page double spaced essay on one or two of the topics given for Socratic. Write an essay in which you discuss the topic(s), be sure to use some evidence for your discussion. Turn in by end of week Thursday 11/10. (If extension is needed contact me before the tenth)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monday/Tuesday Nov 1 and 2


  • Prep for Socratic Seminar
  • Watch The Great Gatsby movie and fill out movie worksheet (due once your class finishes the movie).
Class Prep work:
  • Modes Reading Assignment 2 Due tonight November 2nd (Google Classroom)
  • Gatsby Soundtrack Project Due Friday November 4th. Conquistadorks I don't see you Friday but it is still due by that date so plan accordingly. You may turn it in Thursday in class or online or Friday by visiting me during the day to drop it off, put it in my mail box, or submit on Google Classroom. 


  • Socratic Seminar Thursday (Conquistadorks) Friday (Rat Dawgs)
    • Will turn in prep notes and observation notes at end of day.
  • Rhetorical Devices Presentation Assignment Begins Next Week sign up sheet will be passed around during class. Sign up for one day only. On that day you will present both of your terms. 2 people will go each day next week and then 3 people a day the weeks after we should be completed before winter break!
  • Forgot about what terms you signed up for? You can find your assigned terms by clicking below or on the resources page of the website.

Coming up next week!
  • Rhetorical Device Presentations begin!
  • Modes Project Reading Assignments discussion and breakdown of the mode!
  • With Ms. Koda's help you will select a word, phrase, or concept associated with your chosen topic to research in order to write your own Definition Style Mode Essay!
  • Multiple Choice Single Prompt Practice, advice and guidelines for taking AP multiple choice tests, and break down as a class!
  • Timed Essay! (Synthesis-formative-can revise)