Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday 10/28 Monday 10/31


  • Discuss new revision policy: After receiving several concerns about our revision policy I decided to check in with the other AP teachers on campus. Several of them offer no chance to revise any timed essays. Other's allowed for the revision of only the first essay written in a given style. So after much thought on the subject I have decided to change the policy to the following:
    • Students will be allowed to revise the first essay they write in a given style (Rhetorical Analysis, Synthesis, and Argument). After that we will practice writing several essays in which you will write, peer review, revise and self- assess. After we complete 3 essays in a given style I will ask you turn in your best out of the three for a final grade with no revision. So it will look like this:
      • Write first essay. Turn in. I grade and pass back. You revise and turn in again for final scoring. (This will be worth fewer points in the grade book)
      • Then we will write 3 more essays. Peer review each. Revise each. Self assess each. 
      • Then you will turn in your best one out of the three. 

Began watching first section of Great Gatsby movie (new version) and filling out associated worksheet. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wed/Thursday 10/26-10/27


  • Discuss and clarify Gatsby Soundtrack Project. 
  • Please note the due to lack of time to teach you about crafting a song I have made the 2 song creation portion of the assignment extra credit. 

  • Go over Gatsby Socratic Seminar Guidelines and begin taking notes on the topics to be discussed. Click here for the document.
  • Note due to Tuesday being a minimum day I have pushed the Socratic dates back to Thursday and Friday that way conquistadorks won't be the only class that will have had extra time.

Class Prep work:

Gatsby Soundtrack Project

Modes Project Reading Assignment #2 is also up on Google Classroom not due until Nov 2nd but if you want to get a head start go ahead!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday 10/24 and Tuesday 10/25

Agenda: Finish up figurative language and sensory language assignments. Turn in.
Went over first Modes Project mode "Definition" Click here for powerpoint

Class Prep Work:
Go on to Google Classroom and click on the Modes Project Reading Assignment #1 (Definition)
Read and annotate using google comment system or other. Due next class.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thursday/ Friday 10/20-10/21


Gatsby Quiz 7-9
Group Quiz

Discuss "Will This Crisis Create a Gatsby" Article (Ratdawgs haven't done this yet)

Music Video Analysis (Various videos with discussion)

Figurative Language Chart
-Using The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" and The Great Gatsby

Class Prep Work:
-Read Ray Bradbury's "There Will Swiftly Come Soft Rains" and using six different colors highlight/underline the sensory language used. Instructions on handout.

Then answer the questions for sensory language.

Click here for a slideshow about the different types of sensory details and examples. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wed 10/12-Thursday 10/13, Friday 10/14- Monday10/17


  • Group Essay (see me for make up assignment if absent)
Class Prep Work Read and Annotate the article "Will This Crisis Create a Gatsby" (See me for handout if absent)

Friday/ Monday
-Finish Group Essay (Tues for Conquistadorks) Turn in to Google Classroom
-Gatsby Quiz 
-Gatsby Quiz Scoring (Conquistadorks still need to score)
-Gatsby Discussion Questions 4-6 (create discussion questions write in group responses and turn in Rat Dawgs will turn these in WED)
-Article "Will This Crisis Produce a Gatsby" Discussion (turn in article with annotations) (Rat Dawgs will do this Friday due to shortened class period WED)

No class prep work as I want you all well rested for the PSAT WED.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 10/10 Tuesday 10/11


  • Seating change, meet and greet with new group
  • 11th Grade Thesis Assessment
  • Gatsby Quiz ch. 1-3
  • Gatsby Discussion
    • Adjusted activity for Conquistadorks due to lack of time (ask one of your three prepared discussion questions and write down your groups response. 
    • Make sure 3 discussion questions and the 1 with the response is written on a piece of paper not a sticky note. Thank you. .

Class Prep Work:
  • Conquistadorks: Finish writing response to one of your questions, if your group ran out of time answer one of your questions yourself. :)
  • Begin reading Ch. 4-6 and use sticky annotations (DUE FRIDAY)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thursday Friday 10-6 and 10-7


Sub on Thursday. Teacher out for district wide assessment scoring day.
Students given two essays "Shooting an Elephant" and "On Self Esteem"

Read the two essays and fill out the Descriptive Outline Form, I don't have a digital copy of this but it has 10 boxes which ask you:



You just write the quote in the "says" section and what that quote does for the reader/text in the "does" section.

10 boxes for the first essay and 10 boxes for the second.

Class Prep Work:

Finish activity from end of week. (the one described above)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday 10/4 and Wed 10/5


  • Discuss article about Jamestown Brides.
    • Answer discussion questions.
  • Article of the Week activity
  • Go to library to pick up copies of The Great Gatsby
Class Prep Work
  • Read chapters 1-3 of Gatsby
    • Write 3 discussion questions.
    • Use sticky notes to annotate (you will get a grade on annotations. A couple per chapter is fine and I am looking for interactions with the text.)
      • Suggestions for annotations:
        • Tracking character developments
        • Tracking symbols, themes and motifs
        • Identifying rhetorical/literary devices
        • Taking not of historical or current connections with the novel.
        • Questions you have
        • Vocab you don't know
        • Predictions
        • Answers to previous questions.
        • General comments or thoughts.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Friday 9/30 and Monday 10/03

Pass back 2006 Rhetorical Analysis Timed Essays
-Discuss the notes on writing.
-Highlight areas that apply to you.
-Discuss AP scoring.
-Read student sample essays scored at 7
-Grade multiple choice practice #2 review wrong answers.
-Begin working on class prep work

If anyone would like to personally conference with me about their essay and how to improve please see or email me to make an appointment.

Class Prep Work: