Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday 12/8-12/15 playing catch up!

Okay so the past few days we have been focusing on AP argument prompts, Things They Carried and Multiple Choice Practice.

  • We have done 3 different multiple choice practices (see me for copies) (Not graded, only practice)
  • We have read pages 1-58 of The Things They Carried sectioned off as the following:
    • 1-25 (Read, Create 2 Discussion Questions and 2 AP style multiple choice questions (there is a guide to help with this. See me for handout.)
    • 26-36 (Read, Create 2 discussion questions and 2 AP style Multiple choice questions.)
    • 37-58 (Read, Create 2 discussion questions and 2 AP style Multiple choice questions.)
  • All Things They Carried work should have been turned in this week.

  • We have read and created outlines for 3 separate AP Argument Prompts. (see me for handouts)
    • The last one about The Worst Years of Our Lives had a homework assignment attached to it asking you to create both an outline and an introductory paragraph addressing the prompt.

  • In addition to all of this we have done several Lit Presentations however, those scheduled for TUE, WED, THURS, and FRI of this week were pushed to after break.

  • THURSDAY and FRIDAY students chose one of the three prompts to write their in-class essay on. This essay will be graded, returned, and students will be given the opportunity to revise for higher score (one revision only). The second in class Argument essay we will write will not be available for revision.

READ The Things They Carried pages 59-81 and create 2 discussion questions and 2 AP style multiple choice questions. Also, read pages 81-111 and create 2 discussion questions and 2 AP style multiple choice questions. 

After that just relax, recharge, and spend time with your loved ones!

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Please visit to review policies and information, and to submit your registration and payment. Late registration will incur penalty fees. No orders will be accepted after March 28, 2017.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WED 12/7 Conquistadorks


Late Start Day (shorter schedule)

Lit Pres

Went over Multiple Choice questions in small group and as a class

Things They Carried Group mult. choice practice with questions created by students and discussion of D.Q's.  (collected today)

Class Prep work

Read 26-36
Create two AP style multiple choice questions based on the reading
Create two discussion questions based on the reading

Read and answer the questions for the new Mult. Choice Prompt Practice. (sorry no online version today)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday 12/5 Conquistadorks and Tuesday RatDawgs 12/6

Lit Presentations

Pass back Congressional Speech Assignment
Pass back Definition Essays for you to work on revisions at home (not hw but recommended)

-Small group discussion about the 2008 AP Argument prompt about advertisements in schools
-Took notes from discussion and created outline. This is one of three prompts we will be looking at. Next week you will choose one of the 3 to write.

Class Prep Work:

Read and Answer the questions for this Multiple Choice Prompt. Be prepared to discuss.

Read Things They Carried pages 1-25
Write two discussion questions related to the reading
Write two AP Style Multiple Choice Questions related to the reading (see handout link below)
Be prepared to discuss reading.

How to create AP Multiple Choice Questions Handout and Stems sheet.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Conquistadorks 12/1/16


-Lit Device Presentations
-Peer Review Activity

Turned in Definition Essays and peer reviews for completion credit to be returned Monday.

Class Prep Work:
Complete Thesis Video Notes on Google Classroom TONIGHT :)

No weekend homework with this. But I recommend flipping through the next class book Things They Carried. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rat Dawgs Wed 11/30

Lit Device presentations
Peer Review of Definition essays (didn't finish will continue Friday)
Didn't turn in Definition essays due to not finishing peer reviews yet.

Friday originally I had planned for our timed writing assignment but due to running out of time today I don't want to rush things and it will also help get your class back in the right position behind the Conquistadorks group so we will be pushing the in class essay back. It will also give me some time to go over argument structure in more detail. Instead we will finish up the peer review and you will have in class time to revise the Definition essays or to get a head start on the weekends homework. :)

Class Prep Work:

Thesis video notes assignment on Google Class room! :)
TED TALKS worksheet due friday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Conquistadorks Tuesday 11/29


4-Corners activity
Lit Device Presentations
Slides on Argument 
Video on Cicero's Classical Arrangement for Argument 

New Google Classroom Class Code Please Add to this class and leave the other.

Class Prep Work
Watch the attached You Tube Video ( Take notes on a google doc to show that you watched, listened, and learned. (bulleted notes are fine) This is to supplement your learning. (Also Due DECEMBER 1st)

  • Paired Fallacy Slide Sign up due (find a partner and sign up this week)
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Assignment actually due (TBA next week)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday RATDAWGS 11/28



  • Lit device presentations (none)
  • 4Corners Activity
  • How to Write an Argument slideshow 
  • Introduce Paired Fallacy Slide assignment (Due Fri) (Sign up for fallacy earlier)
  • Introduce TED TALK viewing and analyzing persuasive speakers assignment. (Due Fri)
  • Introduce Thesis video and notes assignment. (Due Fri)

Class Prep Work:
  • Definition Essay bring printed copy ready to go by class time to participate in peer review activity.
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Sign up due (asap)
  • Paired Fallacy Slide Assignment actually due (TBA)
  • Thesis Video notes (due FRI)
  • TED TALK analysis both sides (DUE Friday)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monday/Tuesday 11/14-11/15, and WED 11/16

Monday (Conquistadorks): I was out sick. Students should have finished watching The Great Gatsby and finished filling out their worksheets. Then student were to read and annotate the "Cripple" Definition Essay Text associated with an AP Prompt. Students should have been directed to write a working thesis for the essay and come up with possible evidence that would support it. Students were NOT directed to write the essay. Homework= finish anything not completed in class.

Tuesday (Rat Dawgs):
-Thesis Presentations

-Turned in their "Let Me Go to the Party" write ups in which students practice working with rhetorical appeals.

-Went over how to print out comments from Google Docs. (Just download it as a Microsoft Work Document then print). -Since some had problems with this when trying to print out comments for Congressional Speeches turned in to Mrs. Koda.

-Passed out Definition Essay Assignment and went over instructions. Click two links below.
Overview- click here
Instructions- click here

-Paired and class discussions about what rhetorical strategies were seen used effectively in the sample essays. Students made a list to keep for reference when crafting their own.

-Class Prep Work:
Read and annotate the definition essay "Cripple" with the purpose of addressing the AP prompt in mind. Will discuss and craft thesis next class. (Due Thursday)

Article of the Week: Print out 2 copies of an argumentative article (Go to Opinion Pages of major News Sites such as Chicago Tribune, L.A Times, N. Y Times, Washington Post etc..) Annotate one. (Due Thursday)

Begin working on Definition Essays (Due November 30th)

WED (Conquistadorks)

-Thesis Presentations

-Turn in "Let Me Go to the Party" write ups in which students practice working with rhetorical appeals.

-Go over how to print with comments.

-Go over Definition Essay Assignment (see above for links)

-Paired student discussions about rhetorical strategies used in definition sample essays. Make lists for personal use.

-Small Group discussions sharing significant annotations related to prompt and sharing working thesis. Choose one of the groups collective theses to share with class, make adjustments to thesis if needed. Groups will also identify which pieces of evidence best support their group's thesis.

Class Prep Work:
Article of the Week: Print out 2 copies of an argumentative article (Go to Opinion Pages of major News Sites such as Chicago Tribune, L.A Times, N. Y Times, Washington Post etc..) Annotate one. (Due Friday)

Begin working on Definition Essays Due November 30th

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wed/Thursday 11/9-11/10


  • Read through group essay comments and completed the Group Essay Paragraph Revision and Reflection Assignment on Google Classroom.
  • Began discussing what common elements are seen in a Definition Essay. Will continue next week.
  • Reviewed Ethos, Pathos, Logos.
  • Lit Presentations post poned these days due to tech issues since we were in different class rooms escaping the heat. 

Class Prep Work:

Ethos, Pathos, Logos Practice packet. (Conquistadorks only right now)
The Big Party- Practice with Rhetorical Appeals Assignment

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday/ Tuesday 11/7-11/8


  • Discussion of Socratic Seminar and how it can be improved next time.
  • Go over changes to grade weights (biggest change is essays and writing will be worth 30 percent instead of 50)
  • Watch Gatsby movie continue work on worksheet

Rat Dawgs TBA (your class is further along in film)

Class Prep Work:

  • Read and annotate one of the three Definition Mode essays given to you in class (physical copies) We will discuss as a class what makes it a Definition Mode with your groups and the class next time using these essays and the other articles in your discussion.


This week with Ms. Koda's guidance you will choose the word, phrase, or concept that you will focus on for your own Definition style essay on your chosen topic.

Thursday/ Friday 3/4


Socratic Seminar

If absent please write a short 2-3 page double spaced essay on one or two of the topics given for Socratic. Write an essay in which you discuss the topic(s), be sure to use some evidence for your discussion. Turn in by end of week Thursday 11/10. (If extension is needed contact me before the tenth)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monday/Tuesday Nov 1 and 2


  • Prep for Socratic Seminar
  • Watch The Great Gatsby movie and fill out movie worksheet (due once your class finishes the movie).
Class Prep work:
  • Modes Reading Assignment 2 Due tonight November 2nd (Google Classroom)
  • Gatsby Soundtrack Project Due Friday November 4th. Conquistadorks I don't see you Friday but it is still due by that date so plan accordingly. You may turn it in Thursday in class or online or Friday by visiting me during the day to drop it off, put it in my mail box, or submit on Google Classroom. 


  • Socratic Seminar Thursday (Conquistadorks) Friday (Rat Dawgs)
    • Will turn in prep notes and observation notes at end of day.
  • Rhetorical Devices Presentation Assignment Begins Next Week sign up sheet will be passed around during class. Sign up for one day only. On that day you will present both of your terms. 2 people will go each day next week and then 3 people a day the weeks after we should be completed before winter break!
  • Forgot about what terms you signed up for? You can find your assigned terms by clicking below or on the resources page of the website.

Coming up next week!
  • Rhetorical Device Presentations begin!
  • Modes Project Reading Assignments discussion and breakdown of the mode!
  • With Ms. Koda's help you will select a word, phrase, or concept associated with your chosen topic to research in order to write your own Definition Style Mode Essay!
  • Multiple Choice Single Prompt Practice, advice and guidelines for taking AP multiple choice tests, and break down as a class!
  • Timed Essay! (Synthesis-formative-can revise)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday 10/28 Monday 10/31


  • Discuss new revision policy: After receiving several concerns about our revision policy I decided to check in with the other AP teachers on campus. Several of them offer no chance to revise any timed essays. Other's allowed for the revision of only the first essay written in a given style. So after much thought on the subject I have decided to change the policy to the following:
    • Students will be allowed to revise the first essay they write in a given style (Rhetorical Analysis, Synthesis, and Argument). After that we will practice writing several essays in which you will write, peer review, revise and self- assess. After we complete 3 essays in a given style I will ask you turn in your best out of the three for a final grade with no revision. So it will look like this:
      • Write first essay. Turn in. I grade and pass back. You revise and turn in again for final scoring. (This will be worth fewer points in the grade book)
      • Then we will write 3 more essays. Peer review each. Revise each. Self assess each. 
      • Then you will turn in your best one out of the three. 

Began watching first section of Great Gatsby movie (new version) and filling out associated worksheet. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wed/Thursday 10/26-10/27


  • Discuss and clarify Gatsby Soundtrack Project. 
  • Please note the due to lack of time to teach you about crafting a song I have made the 2 song creation portion of the assignment extra credit. 

  • Go over Gatsby Socratic Seminar Guidelines and begin taking notes on the topics to be discussed. Click here for the document.
  • Note due to Tuesday being a minimum day I have pushed the Socratic dates back to Thursday and Friday that way conquistadorks won't be the only class that will have had extra time.

Class Prep work:

Gatsby Soundtrack Project

Modes Project Reading Assignment #2 is also up on Google Classroom not due until Nov 2nd but if you want to get a head start go ahead!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday 10/24 and Tuesday 10/25

Agenda: Finish up figurative language and sensory language assignments. Turn in.
Went over first Modes Project mode "Definition" Click here for powerpoint

Class Prep Work:
Go on to Google Classroom and click on the Modes Project Reading Assignment #1 (Definition)
Read and annotate using google comment system or other. Due next class.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Thursday/ Friday 10/20-10/21


Gatsby Quiz 7-9
Group Quiz

Discuss "Will This Crisis Create a Gatsby" Article (Ratdawgs haven't done this yet)

Music Video Analysis (Various videos with discussion)

Figurative Language Chart
-Using The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" and The Great Gatsby

Class Prep Work:
-Read Ray Bradbury's "There Will Swiftly Come Soft Rains" and using six different colors highlight/underline the sensory language used. Instructions on handout.

Then answer the questions for sensory language.

Click here for a slideshow about the different types of sensory details and examples. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wed 10/12-Thursday 10/13, Friday 10/14- Monday10/17


  • Group Essay (see me for make up assignment if absent)
Class Prep Work Read and Annotate the article "Will This Crisis Create a Gatsby" (See me for handout if absent)

Friday/ Monday
-Finish Group Essay (Tues for Conquistadorks) Turn in to Google Classroom
-Gatsby Quiz 
-Gatsby Quiz Scoring (Conquistadorks still need to score)
-Gatsby Discussion Questions 4-6 (create discussion questions write in group responses and turn in Rat Dawgs will turn these in WED)
-Article "Will This Crisis Produce a Gatsby" Discussion (turn in article with annotations) (Rat Dawgs will do this Friday due to shortened class period WED)

No class prep work as I want you all well rested for the PSAT WED.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 10/10 Tuesday 10/11


  • Seating change, meet and greet with new group
  • 11th Grade Thesis Assessment
  • Gatsby Quiz ch. 1-3
  • Gatsby Discussion
    • Adjusted activity for Conquistadorks due to lack of time (ask one of your three prepared discussion questions and write down your groups response. 
    • Make sure 3 discussion questions and the 1 with the response is written on a piece of paper not a sticky note. Thank you. .

Class Prep Work:
  • Conquistadorks: Finish writing response to one of your questions, if your group ran out of time answer one of your questions yourself. :)
  • Begin reading Ch. 4-6 and use sticky annotations (DUE FRIDAY)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thursday Friday 10-6 and 10-7


Sub on Thursday. Teacher out for district wide assessment scoring day.
Students given two essays "Shooting an Elephant" and "On Self Esteem"

Read the two essays and fill out the Descriptive Outline Form, I don't have a digital copy of this but it has 10 boxes which ask you:



You just write the quote in the "says" section and what that quote does for the reader/text in the "does" section.

10 boxes for the first essay and 10 boxes for the second.

Class Prep Work:

Finish activity from end of week. (the one described above)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday 10/4 and Wed 10/5


  • Discuss article about Jamestown Brides.
    • Answer discussion questions.
  • Article of the Week activity
  • Go to library to pick up copies of The Great Gatsby
Class Prep Work
  • Read chapters 1-3 of Gatsby
    • Write 3 discussion questions.
    • Use sticky notes to annotate (you will get a grade on annotations. A couple per chapter is fine and I am looking for interactions with the text.)
      • Suggestions for annotations:
        • Tracking character developments
        • Tracking symbols, themes and motifs
        • Identifying rhetorical/literary devices
        • Taking not of historical or current connections with the novel.
        • Questions you have
        • Vocab you don't know
        • Predictions
        • Answers to previous questions.
        • General comments or thoughts.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Friday 9/30 and Monday 10/03

Pass back 2006 Rhetorical Analysis Timed Essays
-Discuss the notes on writing.
-Highlight areas that apply to you.
-Discuss AP scoring.
-Read student sample essays scored at 7
-Grade multiple choice practice #2 review wrong answers.
-Begin working on class prep work

If anyone would like to personally conference with me about their essay and how to improve please see or email me to make an appointment.

Class Prep Work:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wed/ Thur 9/28-9/29

DWA District Wide Assessment Essay. Meaning every 11th grader takes the assessment. Timed- In class essay. If absent you MUST make this up with me before this Friday! :) If you are unable to do so due to extended absence, please email me. 

Monday and Tuesday 9/26-9/27

There was a sub as I was out sick. Students were expected to:

  • Complete the practice multiple choice packet (answers will be provided Fri/Mon)
  • Read, annotate, and write rhetorical precis on the historical document "Discourse of Western Planting."

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday 9/22 and Friday 9/23

Thursday 9/22 and Friday 9/23


  • Turn in "Article of the Week" worksheet and attached annotated article.
  • Finish analysis and discussion of the painting "Boy with a flying squirrel."
  • Masterwork Art Analysis group activity: Trade 2x. Spent 5 minutes just looking at the piece then 5 minutes writing an analysis of what you saw and thought.
  • Watched portions of the following video in which a person rhetorically analyzes the music video, "Stressed Out" by 21Pilots. 
  • Went over Music Video Rhetorical Analysis assignment and how to submit it online using Google Classroom. (see instructions below)

Class Prep Work:

Complete Music Video Rhetorical Analysis  Assignment on Google Classroom

Google Classroom Instructions:

  1. Type in Google Classroom through Google web browser.
  2. Sign in using school provided Google account.
  3. Click the little plus sign on the far right-hand corner. (see pic)
  4. Enter in class code which is: ybiqsh
  5. Then click on the Music Video Analysis Assignment.
  6. Read the first document for ideas on things to consider while analyzing video.
  7. Fill in your responses on the second attached document. 
  8. Click the TURN IN button usually located in the top right hand corner of screen when done.
Note: You can complete this from your phones but I highly recommend that you use a computer as sometimes Google Classroom can have difficulties with certain phones.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday 9/20 and WED 9/21

Tuesday 9/20 and WED 9/21


Purpose: Keeping up on current events helps develop your "memory" or background knowledge. Many AP style prompts (especially argument and synthesis) will ask you to consider your background knowledge and experience. We do activities like this one to help you develop your "memory." I also recommend that you watch and read news articles daily to further develop your memories.

  • Visual Analysis Practice + FIELD TRIP to staff/alumni art show on campus.
    • We practiced analyzing a work of art entitled "Boy with Flying Squirrel."
    • Then we went to the art gallery and students choose a work of art to analyze.
      • Around half page min.
      • Be sure to take note of the details and what they might mean.

If absent for this activity please click this link and complete an analysis for "Boy with Flying Squirrel." To complete an analysis of visuals you need to consider writing about the following:
  • What shapes, colors, lines, and other details do you notice?
  • Are there any patterns?
  • What do you think these details mean?
  • What message is the artist trying to send?
  • How does the art make you feel? What makes you feel that way?
  • and more...
Class Prep Work:
  • Finish art analysis activity.
  • Search for and print out one copy of a masterwork piece of art or photography. Something that is museum quality. Color or black and white is fine though if you have the ability to print in color please do! :) 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday 9/16 and Monday 9/19

Friday 9/16 and Monday 9/19


  • Finish peer review
  • Writer's Reflection:
    • Answer #10 on peer review sheet.
    • Self score and support score with language from rubric. It's okay to have same or different score than reviewer.
  • Discuss rhetoric in "A Model of Christian Charity" 
    • (given to you by Mrs. Koda)
  • Discuss "The Ugly Truth about Beauty"
  • Handout Rhetorical Precis Instructions Sheet 

Class Prep Work:
  • Write a rhetorical precis for "A Model of Christian Charity."
  • Find and print out 2 copies of a current events article (1-2 pages, you may want to copy and paste the article onto a google doc or word doc, take out the photos, in order to fit.)
  • Annotate one of the copies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday 9/13

Tuesday 9/13


The Arch Method Essay Prep Activity

Timed Write of the 2006 Rhetorical Analysis Question (Jennifer Price/Pink Flamingos)
45 min in class.

Class Prep Work:

Finish assignment from Friday's class.
See previous post for more information.

Friday 9/9 for Cohort RatDawgs

Friday 9/9

Cohort Ratdawgs had a sub this day due to my sudden illness. 

Read and annotate the two rhetorical analysis prompts and create one (T)AXES paragraph for each.

DUE Thursday 9/15

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday 9/8 & Friday 9/9

Thursday 9/8 & Friday 9/9


  • Extra time to go over multiple choice answers.
  • Introduction to the Arch Method 
  • Re-read the 2006 AP Free Response about "Plastic Pink Flamingos"
  • Arch Method Activity:
    • Task 1:Write words or phrases that express what you believe Price’s views of U.S Culture is.
    • Task 2: Find strategies or devices that she uses to express her views.
  • Class discussion about each task.
  • Table Group discussion about Sample Essay Scores.
    • Come to an agreement about the scores as a table.
    • Share with class.
    • Compare with real scores.
    • Listen to explanation of scores.
Class Prep Work:
Use the work we did in class to help you craft a thesis statement for your essay addressing the 2006 prompt. Find evidence in the text to support your thesis. Be prepared for in class essay next class.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday 9/6 & WED 9/7

Tuesday 9/6 & WED 9/7


  • Stamped CPW (class prep work or homework)-Read and annotate the 2006 AP Free Response (on flamingos)
  • Multiple Choice Diagnostic Test (not graded)
    • Practiced the full time of the AP multiple choice section. We will save the results and compare them with your results after a similar practice test at the end of the course. 
    • Note: Normally when we practice multiple choice in class it will only be one prompt at a time. 
  • Scored practice tests
  • Reviewed reasons for incorrect responses using the detailed answer key. Made notes on answer sheet about how to avoid these mistakes in the future. 
Class Prep Work/HW
  • Finish reviewing your answers.
  • Read and Score the 3 Sample Student Essays using the provided rubric. (No digital copies at moment)
    • Be prepared to defend your scores!


Image result for no school daysMonday 6/5 NO SCHOOL LABOR DAY

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday/Friday 9/1 &9/2

Stamped Essays
-Peer Share
-Wrote two things they did well, and two suggestions for improvement.
-Received Power Verbs Handout and reviewed the verbs used in your essay. Added possible replacement verbs. (For the purpose of building your "go to" action verb vocabulary in order to avoid being repetitive or simplistic.)

-Went over syllabus
(NOTE: When you click the link a prompt should appear and you need to log in using your school provided google account and not a personal account. I must do this with some documents to protect copyright.)

-Intro to Rhetorical Analysis
-Go over Rhetorical Triangle handout (sorry no digital copy yet!)
-Students drew rhetorical triangle (see image below)

Class Prep Work/HW

-Read/Annotate for:
-Rhetorical devices, literary devices, or strategies used by the author. (Identify and explain what they do for the passage/ what affect do they have?)
-Meaningful notes in the margins, highlights and/ underlines of significant words or phrases.

Looking for a "Mind at Work" :)

Especially take note of tone, allusions, diction (word choice), syntax (sentence structure) and alliteration.

Be prepared to discuss.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday 8/30/16

  • Impossible scavenger hunt

-Introduce self, class website, google classroom, class survey, classroom stuff. (15 min)
-Read/Annotate/Discuss Validictorian Speech

  1. Read to self and annotate (pass out guide)
  2. Highlight two or three “Golden lines” from the speech.
  3. Share one with your table group and explain why you chose it. (Call on a few as a class after)
  4. Open up to class discussions:
    2. Identify Arguments
    3. Identify rhetorical or literary devices used and discuss their purpose.
    4. Discussion Questions:
      1. Do you agree or disagree?
      2. Does this reflect you or your experiences here at SDA?
      3. What should teachers do to help create a more valuable educational experience?
      4. What should students do to create a more valuable educational experience?

Homework:Write the essay prompted in the Validictorian Speech speech assignment. Due on your next class day. 9/1 or 9/2 .Student Survey due Friday 9/2

Monday, August 29, 2016

Image result for Welcome back to school

Welcome! Our first day of school is Tuesday 8/30/16

To get a head start feel free to complete the Welcome Student Survey and have your parents fill out the Welcome Parent Survey.